without faith

"Without faith, it is impossible to please God." Hebrews 11

I decided to pick up where I “kind of” left off on my January 7 blog. Some of you asked about the details on how we were able to get the ticket changed, clear security and get to the plane before the door was closed.  Before I give a brief answer to that question, let me first start with a story...

It was in 1969 that I decided to seriously become a follower of Jesus Christ.  I received some great discipleship training from a ministry known as the Navigators.  They taught me that a lot of things which are considered optional in the Christian life to many are actually normal daily requirements and activities.  One of the very basic requirements is knowing, believing and obeying God’s word.  I began to work on this immediately.


One of my early experiences of seeing the results of this occurred while flying home to Michigan from where I was stationed with the Navy in Norfolk, VA.  This was in my early years of travel, so my experience with flying could have been counted on two hands.  The flight departing from Norfolk was an hour behind schedule.  No problem, if it was a direct flight.  However, I only had a one hour layover in Cleveland.  With my limited travel experience, I began to grow anxious regarding the probability of missing my connection.  How would I contact my folks, when and how will I catch another flight, where will I stay, etc. etc.?

This is when my discipleship training kicked in and I pulled out my pocket Gideon’s Bible and began to read in the Psalms.  All I remember was that the word “trust” seemed to appear over and over as I read. I finally closed my Bible and with great relief prayed, “Lord, I trust you and realize you have this all under control.”  I smiled to myself and sit back in my seat to relax. The pilot immediately came over the speaker and announced that we just picked up a 60 mph tail wind and we would be arriving in Cleveland 30 minutes earlier than expected.  Yes, to no surprise to myself, I made my connection.

Skip ahead a few years to a conversation I was having with two men at church. The subject was regarding something like faith or answered prayer.  In any case, I shared with them the above story. To my surprise, they both said that the tail wind “just so happened” and had nothing to do with prayer or God’s ability or desire to intervene in the situation.  I wondered if they had ever heard the story of when Jesus had calmed the wind and the storm on the lake.

Unfortunately to many, God is either 1. Not interested, or 2. Not able to do what He has promised. They believe that things in life just so happen and we are on our own to deal with it under our own power, resources, and abilities. I am thankful it is not that way for those who have faith in Him.

So how did we get on the plane successfully in Cincinnati this last December? God intervened.

So, how did we get on the plane successfully in Cincinnati this last December? God intervened. I am not sure how, but after being told Mr. Lim could not make the trip, the ticket agent made one more attempt to correct his name. “Magically”, or what some would say “just so happened”, the name change went through on all airlines and we sprinted to the gate. I am thankful that some of my supporters have that same faith in a God that delights in showing Himself strong and trustworthy.

While I am still finalizing travel arrangements to return to three African countries during April and May, I will begin my trips this spring in Uganda.  The continued prayer support of those people of faith will again be honored by Him who loves us.

Keep checking back for more updates!