Worldwide Biomedical Charitable Services (WBCS) was established in 2011 by Rick Wood after retiring from his job as the Manager of Biomedical Services at MidMichigan Medical Center-Midland.  After seeing a tremendous need to help teach and assist overseas mission hospitals and clinic staff how to properly care for and maintain the technology and equipment they already had, Rick Wood began praying for the opportunity to support this need by going into full-time mission service.   

Rick’s general observations and experiences with many medical mission organizations helped him see that many focused on what appeared to be putting a Band-Aid on the real problem. Instead of sending more replacement equipment overseas and constantly fixing technology that wasn't properly maintained, it made much more sense to establish an organization that will focus on training staff so they could become self-sufficient.  

The main goal of WBCS is to help improve the standard of care and expand the health care services available to under-served people around the world, while at the same time encouraging local teams in their spiritual growth and ministry. Our medical mission not only allows us to help meet the physical needs of adults and children, it provides us the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ.

WBCS has been privileged to assist mission hospitals and medical clinics in multiple countries including Mongolia, South Sudan, Haiti, Kenya, Guatemala, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zambia and Malawi.